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Pine County Township Officer’s Meeting, Saturday, October 26, 2018, Hinckley, MN

Over 54 local politicians, candidates and township officers were in attendance today, Saturday, October 27, 2018 at the Pine County Township Officer’s Association Meeting at the American Legion in Hinckley. There were many speakers, including State Senator Tony Lourey, State Representative Candidate Tim Burkhardt, State Representative Jason Rarick, Pine County Commissioner Steve Hallan,  Pine County Commissioner Matt Ludwig, Pine County Attorney Reese Frederickson, Pine County Sheriff Jeff Nelson, and Pine County Land Services Director Kelly Schroeder. Also Karen Amundson, Community Development Planner from East Central Regional Development Commission (ECRDC), DNR Officers Dusty Speldarch and Leah Campa, and Rick Nolan’s field representative. Rick Olseen, MAT District 10 Director Jim Fisher and new MAT Executive Director David Hann.

Two new Executive Board members, Susan Grill (Kettle River Township) and Dan O’Flanagan (Dell Grove Township) were elected to serve out the terms of Dave Baker (New Dosey Township) and Roberta Folkestad (Royalton Township).

There are a couple meetings of the Pine County Zoning Initiative to be held Thursday, November 1, 6:30 pm at the Pine County History Museum in Askov and also Monday, November 5, 6:30 pm at the Pine County Court House in Pine City.  Come discuss the draft first phase of the Pine County Zoning Ordinance.  The Ordinance will only be in effect in townships that “opt-in” to the program.  Visit for details.

Kelly Schroeder, County Land Services Director also passed out the 2019 Draft Board of Equalization Schedule.  Here is a List of those trained to be on the Board of Equalization.

There is a Culvert Workshop, Thursday, November 8, 3 – 5 pm at the Pine County History Museum, 6333 H C Andersen Alle in Askov.  For details call 320-216-4220

Photos below are by Paul Raymond and Glen Williamson


Agenda, Meeting, Saturday, October 27, 2018, Hinckley American Legion

Scheduled Agenda

Call to Order by Chair Katy Overtoom
Pledge of Allegiance
Invocation by Katy Overtoom
Roll Call (quorum is 10 townships)
Read Minutes from the Spring Meeting 2018


State Senate District 11                                  Tony Lourey
State Rep District 11B                                     Jason Rarick

County Commissioners:

#1 Stephan Hallan (Chair)
#2 Josh Mohr
#3 Steve Chaffee   (Vice Chair)
#4 John Mikrot, Jr.
#5 Matt Ludwig

County Auditor                                                 Cathy Clemmer
County Attorney                                               Reese Fredrickson
County Sheriff                                                   Jeff Nelson
County Land Services Director                          Kelly Schroeder (new County Treasurer/Auditor effective January 2019)
County Administrator                                       David J. Minke
County Engineer                                               Mark LeBrun
ECRDC, Community Development Planner      Karen Amundson
Hospital Board                                                  Ron Osladil
DNR                                                                  Eugene Wynn or CO Grundmeier
Rick Olseen                                                       Field Representative, Congressman Richard Nolan
Pine County Soil and Water                              Jill Carlier  (cannot make it)
Rep from the Band of Ojibwe                           Wally St. John (no response)
MATO District #7 Director                                 Mike Miller

Candidates who were invited to Speak
If you’re a candidate for an elected position and you’re not listed below, please come up to the front table so that we can get you on the agenda.  Thank you!

Candidate Joe Radinovich, US Representative District 8
Candidate Ray “Skip” Sandman, US Representative District 8
Candidate Tim Burkhardt, State Representative District 11B
Candidate Skip Thomson, Pine County Commissioner, District 5


Business Meeting:

Approve Treasurer’s Fall 2018 Financial Report
East Central Regional Development Committee – Glen Williamson
Stipend to attend MAT Annual Educational Conference in Duluth, November 15 – 17, up to $200 per officer (maximum of $1000 to all officers)
Special Election to Executive Committee to replace Roberta Folkestad, expires 2019 (Royalton) and Dave Baker, expires 2020 (New Dosey) who resigned from their town boards.

Any other business?

Motion to adjourn by Chair

For Executive Board –meeting will follow immediately after lunch

Fall Meeting, Saturday, October 27, 2018

There will be a meeting of the Pine County Township Officer’s Association, Saturday, October 27, 2018 at the American Legion Hall, 306 Lawler Avenue in Hinckley.  The meeting will start at 9:00a.m.  Please pass this information on to your Township Officers and encourage them to attend.


Glen Williamson
Pine County Township Officer’s Association

Executive Board Members

Katy Overtoom – Chengwatana Township – Chairperson
Roberta Folkestad – Royalton Township
Paul Raymond – Wilma Township
Dave Baker – New Dosey Township
Robert Sunstrom – Ogema Township
Glen Williamson – Wilma Township – Secretary/Treasurer